STATE OF THE PROJECT: Monthly newsletter from Pascal.

We solved the ‘first PASA’ issue! The reception of this solution has been amazing. The Pascal community have continued their strong support for the project. This support has materialized in persistent development and growth of the Pascal network and blockchain.

Over the past month, lots of activities have defined a relatively exciting month for every member of the Pascal community and the developers as well. The crypto space is a busy one currently. Pascal isn’t left out either. We have spent the past couple of weeks refining the different aspects of the Pascal project and setting it up for more productivity.

An optimistic new month for every one of us at Pascal! We are delighted to share with you the highlights of the past few weeks:

Release of V5.4 beta!

We’ve been teasing the release of the latest update to the Pascal blockchain for months now. The V5.4 will be accompanied by several new and exciting features, some of which were scheduled to be released as a part of the upgrade to version 6.

With respect to this, we are super excited to announce the release of the v5.4 beta! The Beta version of this update consists of most features which will be released officially. The beta version allows in-depth testing and evaluation of the performance of these features to ensure proper functioning on official release.

Features released as part of the V5.4 includes the E-PASA and the AbstractMEM.

E-PASA protocol creates an infinite address space. In the current space, pascal accounts are limited…just like pascal coins. The version 6 upgrade features PIP-0027 which is proposed to introduce a new space in which pascal accounts are unlimited. This adds a feature peculiar to most other cryptocurrencies to pascal ecosystem. Infinite address-space will be developed via “decentralized custodial accounts” which are Layer-2 DApps governed via a Layer-2 Proof-of-Stake overlay network.

The AbstractMem library allows developers build a PascalCoin version using virtual memory and efficient caching mechanism. The AbstractMem library is written in Pascal language and use a mix of “memory” and “disc” storage with a cache process so the developer does not need to know where is the data, neither how to store on disc or recover, because library is designated to use same load/save function calls for “on memory” that “on disc”.
This allows the developer to access memory intensive data structures with a low memory RAM.

More details

Guiding you through obtaining your first PASA

The ‘pay-to-key’ is the latest addition to the array of exciting features on Pascal blockchain. In light of this, we are aware of the difficulty users could face while using this new feature. We have prepared a comprehensive guide on the available ways of obtaining a PASA. The ‘pay-to-key’ feature is currently the most convenient means of obtaining a Pascal account.

Follow this Guide to understand the ‘pay-to-key’ feature better.

Administrational changes

Last year, we made important changes to the administrative aspect of Pascal. These changes span across the overall mode of operation and the administrative personnel. Following the exit of the previous custodian due to personal reasons, we have proceeded to install a new custodian after due volunteer and community voting. The new custodian has since assumed rightful position and duties. Rest assured that the organization of the foundation and running of related services are under control.

Community support for Atomic-swap based betting service

The Atomic swap protocol was released as a part of our upgrade to version 5, however, apart from personal usage, this feature hasn’t been really harnessed since its inception. Our community members have launched a sports betting service which leverages this protocol to manage sports bookings and ensure fair services. To facilitate the growth of this project and also prototype this feature and unveil more possible ways of employing this solution to real life scenarios; the Pascal foundation and the Pascal community has approved an initial funding for this project.

Want to learn more about the atomic swap on Pascal blockchain? Read here

Update on code-base translation.

Just as stated on our previous update, the translation of the code-base to Golang is a gradual process. With the increase in work force and effort channeled towards this, we are seeing an increased speed in this exercise, however, it will still take some time before we see a complete translation of the whole code-base to Golang and a proper integration. This process is going on in earnest and the speed is encouraging.
We will ensure to update you regularly as regards this and as well other updates.

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