How to obtain a Pascal account (PASA)

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3 min readFeb 5, 2021

Getting a Pascal account (PASA) hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. Noob or pro, obtaining a Pascal account is a very unique process.
To simplify the account obtaining process, the free PASA distribution website ( was introduced to enable users obtain their first Pascal account. However, this infrastructure wasn’t sustainable and users had reservations about its mode of operation — these issues and complaints are understandable, hence the discontinuation of the PASA distribution exercise via

The planned upgrade to version 6 includes features which simplifies the account obtaining process for new and existing users, notably the ‘Pay-to-key’ feature which allows users obtain a pascal account in the easiest way.

Thanks to our developers, we have released this feature earlier than planned!!

With the release of the Pay-to-key feature, three options exist for new or existing users who wish to obtain a Pascal account: The new Pay-to-key feature(new), In-wallet PASA distribution service on the Blaise mobile wallet(recommended) and PASA donation on Discord (Alternative)

Using the Pay-to-key feature

The ‘Pay-to-key’ protocol allows users obtain a pascal account automatically from a pool of floating accounts. Floating accounts are newly mined and existing accounts listed for sale on the pascal network.

To get a Pascal account using the feature; your public key has to be encrypted in to trigger an account purchase operation.

  1. In your desktop wallet, click ‘Transaction’ tab.
  2. In the ‘Destination account’ input area, enter your details as follows: @[“your public key”]
  3. In the ‘amount’ tab, enter an amount (in Pasc) equivalent to the current price of floating accounts
  4. In the ‘Payload’ section, select ‘encrypted with destination public key’

5. Click ‘Execute’ to complete this operation

Congrats, Your new account is on the way!

The pay-to-key protocol is till date the easiest and most convenient way to get a Pascal account. This feature has been integrated into the GUI wallet and will be available on other wallet platforms as soon as possible.

In-wallet PASA distribution service

The Blaise wallet allows users to obtain Pascal accounts directly in their wallet. You basically borrow an account from distribution service and claim complete ownership of this account by sending at least 0.25 Pasc to your new address within 72 hours.

To obtain an account

  1. In your wallet, click ‘Get an Account’ from the bottom corner of your wallet
  2. Click ‘Borrow an account’ from the next option
  3. Now click ‘Receive’, copy your new address and send at least 0.25 pasc to your wallet within 72 hours to claim full ownership of the new account

Here’s a Visual guide on the account obtaining process on Blaise wallet:

Alternatively, you can obtain a PASA in our discord channel.

Note: your wallet’s public key is a pre-requisite to obtaining an account through this option.
To do this;

  1. Copy your public key from your wallet (mobile or desktop).
  2. Join us on Discord and post your public key on the “request-Pasa” channel.

Do exercise patience while using the alternative means, a PASA will be sent to you in due time.

For any questions or enquiries, reach out to us on out outlets