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4 min readJun 2, 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve witnessed a significant and impressive community growth, improvements to our technology and every other aspects of Pascal. One after the other, we are putting every required piece together and making Pascal work at the best possible efficiency and also maintaining an interactive community which have formed the biggest support for the project.
It’s been an interesting couple of weeks and time runs so fast! Here are the top events of the past month:

Introducing The Pascal messenger!

We have been working on a couple of interesting features and we are excited to reveal one of these; The Pascal Messenger! . Pascal is a blockchain of possibilities; thanks to its high throughput and infinite scalability, it presents a platform for building efficiently running and powerful applications to drive global adoption. Over the years, we have geared maximum effort towards adding new technologies and improving existing ones to work even better. Having put together some vital protocols, we are leveraging certain features of the Pascal blockchain to build a sleek messaging application which runs completely on the Pascal blockchain. We are working towards incorporating this application into Our mobile and desktop wallet. This is to juxtapose decentralized finance and decentralized communication. We are dedicated to making our blockchain work better and present sincere and useable real-life applications. The Pascal messenger will support interpersonal and group messaging. It offers certain blockchain virtues such as privacy and immutability to human communication.

This application is currently in active development and the team is consistently making tangible progress. We are increasing our efforts to ensure timely release of the Pascal messenger, we are also meticulous in the development process to ensure the release of a healthy and efficient application, which is paramount.

Improved incentives for community participation

Our community is as important as our technology and solutions too. With this in mind, we are always working towards growing and maintaining a healthy community. To do this, we are considering possible ways to sustain community contributions…and criticism.

In the past, we introduced a reward scheme to incentivize community participation, this scheme rewards the MOST active community members for a specified time. While this worked initially, it failed in one aspect –Generality. The most active members getting rewarded conceptualized the reward scheme as a competition. Unfortunately, this is totally different from our initial goal.

To fix this, we antiquated the community reward scheme. To continue our community building efforts, we have introduced The Pascal tip Bot. Pascal tip bot rewards you for almost every interactive activity performed on our discord server. This includes sending messages, reacting to messages, being mentioned… majority of activities performed on the discord server!

The tip bot succeeds in creating a generalized and impartial reward system for our community members and has shown positive signs since its inception. Subsequently, we will be improving the tip bot to add more features, increase the reward pool and as well, introduce this reward system to our other communities.

Follow this guide to set-up your account.

Community team proposals and discussions

Making Pascal work, has and will always be the biggest goal of Pascal developers and the Pascal community as a whole. A dedicated community team have been hard at work over the past couple of weeks. This effort and dedication have materialized in the development of a number of proposals which are meant to improve Pascal and its community. This proposal includes technological development and marketing plans.

The collective proposal was presented to the general community and has been made open for community discussions and criticism. We enjoin you to check out this proposal (Pinned on our discord channels) and offer your personal suggestions!

Improved roadmaps and Future goals

With a good number of new proposals being discussed and a couple of already approved proposals being worked on, we will be updating our roadmaps and future plans to reflect these changes and additions.
We are working towards presenting an updated roadmap and also updating our portals will the latest plans and the time frame we hope to deliver them.

Update on code-base translation.

Just as stated on our previous update, the translation of the code-base to Golang is a gradual process. With the increase in work force and effort channeled towards this, we are seeing an increased speed in this exercise, however, it will still take some time before we see a complete translation of the whole code-base to Golang and a proper integration. This process is going on in earnest and the speed is encouraging. We will ensure to update you regularly as regards this and as well other updates.

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