How to set up your Pascal account to receive Airdrops from our discord tip bot.

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3 min readMay 12, 2021

We have structured the Pascal tip bot to reward you for ‘almost’ every contribution you make on our discord channel. The tip bot feature is currently available on our discord channel only. We hope to add this service to our Telegram channel and also add more features to the tip bot soon. The tip bot automatically rewards you for every text you send on the pascal discord server and for every time you get mentioned.

Please desist from spamming to rip the reward pool as this will surely attract some disciplinary action(s). We encourage judicious use of the tipbot.

Follow this link to join our discord server:

Our tip bot leverages the username feature for pascal account to send tips directly to users’ pascal wallet.

Yet to get a Pascal account?

Download wallet from our official website:

Click here for a guide on how to obtain a pascal account.

To enable the tip bot send your rewards, rename your pascal account to your discord username:

For Mobile wallet users

Open your Blaise wallet and follow the steps below to change your account name:

  1. Click on the Pen icon

2. Select ‘change account name’

3. Enter your discord username in the space provided

4. Click ‘change name’ to confirm

Your account is now ready to receive tips from our bot

For Desktop wallet users

  1. Open your Desktop wallet, select the account you wish to rename [1], Click on the ‘Operations’ icon [3]

2. Click ‘change info’ [1] and enter your discord user name in the provided box [2]; Click execute [3] to complete.

Now you’re ready! Head back to our discord server to configure your Pascal account.

First send a direct message to ‘@pascalbot’. You can find it on the discord server.

The bot replies with explicit commands and guidelines to set up your account. Follow the guidelines to complete your set up. Feel free to message our admins for assistance and enquiries.


Pascal is a fast, zero-fee, scalable and totally decentralized multi-purpose blockchain designed for payments, data operations and layer-2 applications. Enabled by the SafeBox technology to become the world’s first truly infinite scalable blockchain system, Pascal possesses unlimited potentials.

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