State of the project: Newsletter from Pascal Blockchain.

At Pascal, we have been persistent on maintaining and developing our blockchain technology as well as the managerial aspect of the Pascal coin project. We have not relented in all-round development of the project.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been working behind the scene to ensure continuous development of the pascal project.

An optimistic new month for every one of us at Pascal! Developments have been going on in earnest and with each day that passes by, Pascal blockchain gets better!

It’s been an interesting run of days and we bring you the major highlights of the past month as it concerns the Pascal blockchain project.

Update on Pascal Codebase re-writing

We have commenced the process of re-writing the Pascal blockchain code base to Golang. Originally written in Pascal, developers find it a bit tedious working with the older Pascal programming language. Re-writing the codebase to a more modern programming language is expected to ease this burden and hasten the development of Pascal blockchain.

As regards this, we have made tangible progress. This process will be gradual and continuous and we hope to have the full codebase written in Golang as soon as possible. Further announcements as regards this will be made promptly.

Introducing PIP-0041: in-protocol PASA distribution

Obtaining a pascal account (PASA) for the first time is usually a tedious process for new users regardless of their level of experience in blockchain technology. This issue has lingered for as long as the project have existed. The freepasa service ( was introduced to ease the burden of obtaining a PASA, but this hasn’t been very efficient. A better fix is the in-built PASA distribution service in our Blaise mobile wallet, however; this only works for the Blaise mobile wallet.

To tackle this issue, we are pleased to announce an improvement proposal which hopes to fix this issue and allow new and existing users obtain a PASA in the simplest way.

More details:

While our developers work on this proposal, kindly use currently available services to obtain a PASA or head over to our discord channel to obtain a PASA.

Update regarding the Pascal writing contest

We hosted a writing contest which lasted for over four weeks. The Pascal writing contest is designed to give participants an opportunity to earn while sharing their knowledge of Pascal coin and Pascal blockchain. After running for many weeks, we received a couple of amazing entries. Via community voting, we have selected three winners from this contest and have rewarded them according to the provisions of the contest.

Check out their entries:

Runner up

Update regarding custodianship of pascal development funds

After weeks of working on fixing the custodianship issues and handing over the management of the core financial aspects of the pascal project; we have selected, authenticated and installed a new custodian of funds for the pascal project. With the consent of the community, the custodian has since commenced custodianship duties. The legal aspects of management of funds will be covered by Sphere10 software company which has assumed custodianship under the directorship of Herman Schoenfeld.

Community engagement and reward scheme

We have put a halt to the community reward scheme for the mean time. The community reward is designed to incentivize member participation and promote community involvement in the project’s growth and development.

However, due to current financial condition, we are putting a pause to this and hope to continue the program as soon as possible. Regardless, we still urge a continuous and increased contribution by community members. Your suggestions, complaints and criticism are highly appreciated. Further information as regards this will be conveyed regularly.

Update on proposed 4 years recovery rule

Earlier this year, the community presented a proposal to make changes to the 4-years account recovery rule guiding the use of the Pascal blockchain. The 4-year recovery rule was initially instituted to maintain the circulation of PASA and PASC by recovering accounts which have been inactive for over 4 years. This move also promotes active use of the blockchain.

However, community members have exercised their concerns over this and due to some valid reasons presented by the community, a proposal to change this rule was passed. The new community consensus allows the recovery of empty Pascal accounts (PASA) instead of empty and non-empty pascal accounts (that is, both PASA and PASC). Despite this proposal being passed, our developers are yet to implement this rule as it is scheduled with the next update.

In light of this development, we urge every holder to keep an eye on their portfolio and ensure they have conducted at least one transaction over the past four years. Any transaction regardless resets the counter and secures both the PASA and PASC for the next four years. We hope to implement this new rule as soon as possible.

Further updates as regards this will be conveyed regularly.

As we continue with this odd time in our existence, we urge everyone to stay safe and adhere to social distancing specifications and other guidelines which are expected to sustain safety and slow the rate of infection. Until next time, stay safe!

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