State of the project: Newsletter from Pascal Blockchain.

Setting the atmosphere for a brand new year, we already hit the ground running as regards working towards the growth and development of the Pascal project. We published a comprehensive report on the top events of the previous year, in case you missed that, click here to read. It’s a new year, and our goal still remains the same — developing workable solutions on the Pascal blockchain

We have been persistent on maintaining and developing our blockchain technology as well as the managerial aspect of the Pascal coin project. We have not relented in all-round development of the project. Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been working behind the scene and on the scene to ensure continuous development of the pascal project.

An optimistic new month for every one of us at Pascal! We are delighted to share our progress on our first newsletter for the new year!

Solving the “first PASA” issue!

We are seeking more ways to simplify the process of obtaining a Pascal account. We have sought so a couple of option and are currently working on numerous alternatives. The “Pay-To-Key” protocol proposes an algorithm which allows new users obtain an account by using an encoded form of their public key to trigger a ‘buy account’ operation. The buy account operation allows a new user obtain an account from floating accounts. The encoded public key looks like @[‘user public key encoded in Base-58’] this triggers an account purchase operation. Price of floating accounts are determined by certain variables which are part of the block policy. As regards this, we are very pleased to announce the successful development and implantation of the much anticipated ‘Pay-to-key’ feature! Originally proposed as a part of the upgrade to V6, our developers have worked tirelessly to release this feature earlier than planned! The ‘pay-to-key’ feature completely simplifies the PASA obtaining process and after a long struggle; the ‘first PASA’ issues has been solved!

The Pay-to-key feature has been integrated into the GUI wallet. Integration into other wallets will follow as soon as possible!

Update to AbstractMem library V1.2.

The new AbstractMem library is an important tool for developers on the Pascal blockchain. We are constantly improving this to work even better for developers and any other user. As part of the upgrade of the Abstractmem library to version 1.2 we have added TAbstract B-tree — a standard B-tree implementation for use on the AbstractMem library.

The TAbstract B-tree acts as a dictionary for the SafeBox and allows searches and sequential access of the SafeBox and its data. After initial implementation the TAbstract B-tree is still subject to further modifications and enhancements to work best for the SafeBox and the general Pascal blockchain design.

Update on codebase translation to Golang.

Translating the project’s codebase from Pascal language to Golang is an important step towards faster growth of the Pascal blockchain. We are well aware of this and our developers are earnestly working towards this. In the previous year, we successfully set out on this goal and have translated a tangible percentage of the codebase to Golang. However, our speed as regards this haven’t been convincing for our developers. To speed up this process, we have added more developers to aid this process.

With more hands on deck, we are confident of an increased speed. Our developers are dedicated to delivering this proposal as soon as possible. while we wait on the codebase written in Golang, all developers are welcome to build on the pascal blockchain.

Update on proposed Upgrade to version 6.

The proposed upgrade to version 6 is unarguably the most important aspiration of our developers currently. As duly announced, the upgrade hopes to tackle the most pressing usability issues of the Pascal and simplify core operations on the Pascal to make for a better user experience. This proposed upgrade features a lot of exciting of features set to be added to the Pascal blockchain.

Our developers have since commenced the development of these features and optimizing them for the planned integration with the pascal blockchain. While there could be certain changes to these features, we are dedicated to delivering each and everyone of these features and enhancing them to work perfectly and as specified.

Updates as regards this will be made regularly.

Least we forget! Over 500,000 blocks have been mined on the Pascal Blockchain! We’ve really come a long way and this wouldn’t happen without the amazing Pascal community. Congratulations!

We’ve kicked off the year with so much optimism and enthusiasm as we welcome new users and continue constant improvement of the Pascal project. We highly appreciate the Pascal community and the resourceful contributions which has formed a huge part of the project’s fundamentals.

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