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4 min readMay 3, 2021

Over the past month, lots of activities have defined a relatively exciting month for every member of the Pascal community and the developers as well. The crypto space is a busy one currently. Pascal isn’t left out either. We have spent the past couple of weeks refining the different aspects of the Pascal project and setting it up for more productivity.

An optimistic new month for every one of us at Pascal! We are delighted to share with you the highlights of the past few weeks:

Release of V5.4!

We are super excited to announce the release of Pascal blockchain version 5.4!! the V5.4 release has been teased for quite a long time, in our previous newsletter we announced the release of the beta version of this update. Thanks to this, we have tested out the features added to the pascal blockchain as a part of this upgrade. These feature are now stable and can be utilized by users of Pascal blockchain.

Features released as part of the V5.4 includes the E-PASA and the AbstractMEM.

E-PASA protocol creates an infinite address space. In the current space, pascal accounts are limited…just like pascal coins. The version 6 upgrade features PIP-0027 which is proposed to introduce a new space in which pascal accounts are unlimited. This adds a feature peculiar to most other cryptocurrencies to pascal ecosystem. Infinite address-space will be developed via “decentralized custodial accounts” which are Layer-2 DApps governed via a Layer-2 Proof-of-Stake overlay network.

The AbstractMem library allows developers build a PascalCoin version using virtual memory and efficient caching mechanism. The AbstractMem library is written in Pascal language and use a mix of “memory” and “disc” storage with a cache process so the developer does not need to know where is the data, neither how to store on disc or recover, because library is designated to use same load/save function calls for “on memory” that “on disc”. This allows the developer to access memory intensive data structures with a low memory RAM.

Users are bound to notice many other improvements on the Pascal blockchain as we have furnished the blockchain to improve efficiency and other aspects of users’ experience.
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Release of MacOs build for V5.4

In correspondence with the update to V5.4, we have released the latest build of the Pascal blockchain for MacOs users. Users will need to run the update to access these new features.

Release of V5.5 to fix fatal bug

Sequel to the release of the V.5.4, the Pascal blockchain ran into a fatal bug which resulted in undue delay in confirmation of blocks. This delay culminated in a halt in the blockchain’s normal operations. To fix this bug, our developers updated the blockchain, adding features which fixed this bug and returned the blockchain to normal function.

This bug and its solution resulted in instabilities on the Blockchain and we apologize for any inconveniences which may have occurred as a result of this accident and will work to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future.
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Fixes to the old Mobile wallet

Following the release of our very impressive official mobile wallet — Blaise wallet, the old (classic) mobile wallet has become a bit ‘less-used’. To mobile users an alternative, we have worked on the old wallet, added a couple of improvements and enhanced its general efficiency. Users who wish to use the old wallet, probably for personal preferences or adventure can simply download from google play store for Android OS users and from the App store for iPhone users.

Increased Exposure to the Chinese cryptocurrency community

Pascal since its inception has held its community in high esteem. We have endeavored to minting the best possible relationship with our vast community. This we do by ensuring impartial involvement. We have noted language as a barrier between the project and the Chinese community. In response to this, we have resumed plans to increase our presence in the general Chinese cryptocurrency communities by involving native Chinese marketers to lead relational activities between the project and the general Chinese communities. We will regularly keep you updated as regards our progress on this

Overall developmental plans

Over the past couple of months, we have witnessed tremendous community involvement and this have resulted in encouraging developments to the pascal blockchain technology and the communal atmosphere. We are considering numerous community proposals and already working on executing a good number of them as we strive to develop the best technologies on the Pascal blockchain. We are working on mind-blowing features which will promote the use of the pascal blockchain as they concern routine human activities. We hope to bring these developments to life in as little time as possible. however, while we continue on our strive, we also encourage continued community support.

Update on code-base translation.

Just as stated on our previous update, the translation of the code-base to Golang is a gradual process. With the increase in work force and effort channeled towards this, we are seeing an increased speed in this exercise, however, it will still take some time before we see a complete translation of the whole code-base to Golang and a proper integration. This process is going on in earnest and the speed is encouraging. We will ensure to update you regularly as regards this and as well other updates.

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